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Why should I consider switching to Zervant?

Who is Zervant?

Zervant is a Finland-based fintech company. The ING Invoice Solutions platform was developed on the basis of their award-winning software. Which is why we are confident they are well placed to take care of your future invoicing needs. Read more about our partner and the available packages on the Zervant website.

Transferring to Zervant is the most seamless option for customers switching from the ING Invoice Solutions service

In 2016, ING partnered with Zervant in order to create ING Invoice Solutions - bringing efficient online invoice management to ING customers. Whilst the ING service will be discontinued, Zervant continues to deliver its impressive invoicing software to customers all across Europe.

Both platforms were built and are still maintained by the Zervant team, they share many features and feel very similar.

ING and Zervant have made it as easy as possible for customers to transfer their ING Invoice Solutions account data to Zervant, providing a seamless and secure path for transitioning to the Zervant platform.

It’s so easy, it can be done in a few clicks.

Read more about the switch details here

Read more about the data transfer here

What’s different in the Zervant software?

There is virtually no difference between ING Invoice Solutions and Zervant with regards to the quality of service - the platforms share almost every feature and allow users to create and send invoices easily.

Zervant has stellar online support in 6 different languages - Dutch, French, English, Finnish, Swedish and German - and caters to businesses of all types and sizes.

Zervant even has a few features not available in ING Invoice Solutions.

With Zervant, users can:

  • Manage invoices on the go with the Zervant mobile app – it’s free and is packed with the same great features as the browser app.
  • Accept online payments from customers – compatible with all major debit and credit cards.
  • Send E-invoices easily and in any of the supported formats.
  • Set up payment schedules and recurring invoices, ensuring that customers pay on time.

Zervant also publishes lots of engaging and helpful content on their blog - learn about starting a business or use one of their free calculators or tools the next time you submit a tax return.

You don’t have to rely on the information here - head over to Zervant’s site to read about the service

What will Zervant offer you?

Zervant proposes a free account and also numerous other plans, depending on your needs.

You will start with the Zervant Pro plan which is the closest to ING Invoice Solutions Pro in terms of available features and price (15 € /month). This plan also includes 10 invoices sent by post or as e-invoices monthly.

As a welcome offer, you can try any Zervant Premium plan, including Pro, for free until December 25, 2020. You can also downgrade to the free version of Zervant anytime!

What will I have to do differently?

There are two main changes following the transfer of your account data to Zervant:

  • Zervant will send you an account activation link to log in on Zervant’s site on the October 25 2020.
  • Your monthly subscription payments will be paid to Zervant

Zervant boasts very progressive pricing and ING Invoice Solutions users can try premium Zervant account for free until December 25, 2020!

Zervant serves a vibrant and vocal user base of small businesses and entrepreneurs all across Europe. The development team consistently updates the product with new and exciting features in response to the community.

Be part of that community and grow with Zervant.

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