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How do I reset my password in ING Invoice Solutions?

You have forgotten your password and want to reset it. Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1)

On the login page, you get an error message when you have entered a password that is not accepted.
When you see this warning message, click on Forgot your password?

Step 2)

When the popup below shows up, enter your login (the e-mail address you use to connect to ING Invoice Solutions), then click on Forgot your password.

Step 3)

An e-mail is being sent to your e-mail address. Wait a couple of minutes...
Look into your mailbox (possibly in your spam folder) for this e-mail.
Click on Reset password in the e-mail:

Step 4)

ING Invoice Solutions will open on this page:
Enter the password you want to use, enter it a second time for confirmation, then click on Change password

You will receive this confirmation.

You can now login with your e-mail and your new password.